Why you should consider an Elopement

Woohoo – you are finally engaged. It’s time to start planning and thinking about wheter an intimate wedding or elopement could be a good solution for you.

Maybe you’ve had a dream since you were little about having a big wedding with hundreds of guests? Or maybe you want to elope with your loved one to a remote beach? Or even get married on a mountaintop? Maybe something in between?

“Eloping suits my style, skipping all the stress and spending quality time with my couples”.

Christin Eide

 You must consider many factors for you and your intended when trying to figure out what to do. Is a traditional big wedding or an elopement the right choice for you? Consider your budget, your personalities, your preferences, and other life circumstances.

An elopement wedding can be as simple as just the two of you at the courthouse or hike to a mountaintop with a celebrant. An elopement is all about you, were you choose a location that’s special for you both. Avoiding the hassle of making a big wedding to flatter the guests.

“You can even have an intimate wedding with your closest family and friends, and still call it an elopement…”

Maybe you are on the fence and can’t quite decide if an elopement is the way to go? If so I am here to help. Just drop me an email and I will answer whatever question you might have and share my experiences with you.

In my opinion, the couples who do an elopement are often more relaxed and can devote 100% of the time to each other. We have all the time in the world for exploring, soak in all the impressions and shoot for however long time we feel like. As a result we tend to get magic!

For more information, feel free to take a look at my Elopement Checklist

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