The elopement in Aurland with Rielle & Tony was an adventure unlike all others…

Rielle & Tony came all the way from America and decided to soak in the Norwegian feels. The choice fell on Aurland, Norway, which is a perfect place to elope. I asked if they could jump into the water and they did! Fortunately, no one got hurt and the moment was securly cought on film.

To elope in Aurland with adventurous couples is something I never get tired of. Aurland is a small place, but still has so much to offer. Seeing a stunning new place for the first time mixed a large portion of emotions and love. It didn’t matter that we got some rain here and there…

Aurland is only a few minutes drive away from Flåm and the Nærøyfjord, which UNESCO has included in its famous World Heritage List. The Fjord has also been awarded first place in the prestigious list of the National Geographic Traveller Magazine.

If you love hiking, the surrounding areas in Aurland are absolutely perfect. Many cozy places to sleep over, such as; 292 Aurland in Aurland or Flåmsbrygga Hotel in the Flåm, are some.

When we set off from Bergen heading towards Aurland, I felt the day could be a magical one. I was right, and then some…

Thank you, Rielle & Tony…Love Christin//

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