Juvet Landscape Hotel in Norway. A fantastic experience in the middle of nowhere…

If you consider an intimate wedding or elopement in Norway, you should look into Juvet Landscape Hotel. Maybe one of Norway’s most distinctive hotels. A truly unique experience. 

Juvet Landscape Hotel is located on the northwest coast of Norway, just outside the village of Valldal. Approx 90 minutes driving from the city of Ålesund and 5-6 hours from Bergen by car.

If you think you’ve seen Juvet Landscape Hotel before, you’re probably right. The motion picture Ex Machina was shot here with the hotel as a backdrop.

Close to Geiranger fjord & Trollstigen

The surrounding nature in Valldal is an integral part of the experience. Tucked inside a rural village, surrounded by majestic mountains and rivers. Juvet Landscape Hotel resides in the middle of a famous Norwegian scenic route. Placed between the UNESCO world heritage Geiranger fjord and the dramatic road Trollstigen with its stunning views.

The Juvet Landscape Hotel is originally made up of nine wood-paneled pods, which is scattered throughout the woods. Two guests can stay in each pod and the starting price is § 200 a night. The main building features the reception. A cozy bar and the restaurant with a local menu can also be found here. You will definitely get a taste for the Norwegian cuisine. My American couple, Kirsten & Derrick certainly enjoyed this place.

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