Hiking Elopement in Senja // Danielle & Dwayne

Hiking elopement in Senja

It was such a pleasure to just to partake in Danielle & Dwayne´s hiking elopement in Senja. They came all the way from America to visit Senja in the Northern part of Norway. The peninsula, Senja, with the small towns Mefjordvær, Senjahopen and Skaland. Senja must be something special and different coming from America. These remote and untouched parts of Norway, can simply be classified as among top 10 places you have to explore. This beautiful couple, Danielle & Dwayne; you really made my day. Those days, a couple like you, the sun, the magical mood, the love between to people and the mountains surrounding Senja – so worth it… Elopement in Norway is just something else, especially these Northern part, with the Midnight Sun and the Northern Lights / Aurora Boralis.

Can’t take my eyes off of you…

Dwayne couldn’t take his eyes off his beautiful wife, Danielle, and I cannot blame him… If you consider a intimate wedding or just an elopement in Norway, Senja is really worth a try. Still pretty untouched and pristine, not crowded at all and you can really enjoy the harmony and nature. If you fly to Norway`s major cities, such as Bergen or the capital Oslo, you travel further North to the city of Tromsø. From there you go by rental car to the peninsula of Senja. The ride takes between 2 to 2,5 hours depending on season. Main season and best time to visit Senja, would be between May and September. Senja is also a 5 to 7 hours drive from the Lofoten Islands and you could combine the two as part of your tour in Norway.

Thank you so much for choosing me as your elopement photographer in Senja!

Love, Christin //