When you plan an elopement or a wedding you might have some questions for me? I will try my best to answer some of them here;

  • Do you photograph something beside elopements and weddings?

Yes, I Do. After working for more than 12 years with photography, I have worked with most things in photography. Everything from newborn to fashion, but my heart is probably within elopements and intimate weddings

  • Do you shoot weddings outside of Norway?

Yes, I Do. I am traveling the world doing weddings and elopements, I have been to; Spain, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, France, USA, Ireland, Bali, Iceland, Austria, Thailand, Hong Kong and Croatia. As you might have noticed, I am a big fan of hiking and adventurous elopements. So, if you are wondering if I can come to you, I will be more than happy to hook up with you anywhere in the world

  • Where are you located?

I come from a city called Sandefjord, but I live in Bergen on the west coast of Norway with my boyfriend, 2 boys and 2 dogs. But, I am available and come for my clients anywhere in the world

  • Can we get the RAW files?

No, you can’t and I will tell you why; if you let your uncle or friend with some graphic design background edit on the images and do a poor job. Subsequently, you post them on social medias and tell everyone; “look the great photos Photographer Christin Eide has taken of us …” Then it will no longer be my images and product, and it can reduce the quality of my Brand. I have to deliver a high quality from start to the end result

  • Can you help us with planning?

Yes, of course I can help you with planning and give you the necessary recommendations. I have experience and cooperate well with the wedding planner of your choice. Beyond that I would recommend my “in-house” wedding planners, Northern Feels, great guys – I will hook you up

  • When can we expect to get the images edited and to be delivered?

Normally I have a turnaround time of about 6 to 8 weeks, sometimes earlier depending on season or my general schedule. If for some reason you need the images earlier, for example for a wedding party. Then it is permissible to make a request for it. Although I can’t promise all the images delivered earlier, but I can always help with a selection for you to use

  • What is your favourite photo location?

It’s hard to answer, since there are so many beautiful places all over the world. But, both Norway and Iceland, I know as my own backyard. In Norway, probably Lofoten, Senja and Aurland are my absolute favourites. I couldn’t help it, but fell in love with Bali when I was there for an Elopement. In my work I always try to set the highest standard and to create magic wherever I am

  • How much are the travel fees?

Of course, it depends very much on location, travel distance and logistics. For example; If I am in Norway and you are in Australia and you want me to come to you? Then we can almost calculate what it will cost in fees, with the domestic fees, it also depends on location and season. I will always try to adapt and make the best possible offer for my clients through a custom quotation

  • How do we pay you?

According to my standard payment terms, a 20 % deposit must be paid once you book me. Then you have confirmed the booking and secured the agreement. The remaining payment must be paid at least 2 weeks before our appointment is scheduled. Payments may be made by Bank transfer (Swift/Bic) or by PayPal

  • Can we cancel and/or reschedule our agreement?

Yes, you can. Cancellation can be applied at least 3 months before the agreed date of our agreement, then the appointment can be cancelled with full deposit refund. And if it is less than 3 months, no deposit will be refunded. However, there is possible to reschedule our appointment, I am always flexible. After full payment has been made and there is less than 2 weeks to our appointment, there is no refund

  • What happens if it rains on our big day?

Let’s keep it up, even with a little rain. In general, I am always lucky with the weather and it has never stopped me so far. One can come incredibly far with an umbrella, a smile and a good spirit. If lightning strikes us, we can always stay overnight in a tent and start fresh the next day:)

  • Can you make me look like Kim Kardashian?

Sorry girl, you are beautiful enough as you are. No, I do not Photoshop my clients, unless I see you’ve got an annoying red wine stain on your dress. My images shall both look and be real. The images are only light adjusted and colorized. I want you natural and you should shine with true love

  • How many images do we get?

It depends on what package solution you have chosen. Remember that in one session I am likely to take over 2000 images and from that you get the best selection. Don’t worry, you’ll get enough

  • Who owns the images?

“Lady Gaga makes the music, you can enjoy and listen to the music” The Copyright means the rights to the images are always with the photographer. But, you get high resolution digital files, with rights to print. So, if you share and post your photos on social media, it’s just fine and no one will sue you

  • What do I wear on my wedding day or on my elopement?

What you wear is entirely up to you. You and your beloved one should feel relaxed and comfortable, after all, its your big day. My advice; match each other in color and style, with something that is in line with who you are as persons

Probably I have not managed to answer all your questions, just shout out and remember; I am here for YOU