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There is a lot going on in my world at the moment and for those of you who follow me on Instagram, you know my love of travelling has gone trough the roof lately. Elopement sessions is by far one of my favorites and I have put together some fantastic packages to amazing places. Press this link to see the destinations for 2019, its awesome!!! www.yourelopement.com I have carefully chosen places I know and love just to be able to give you an experience of a lifetime. Elopement packages makes everything a lot easier, and you can focus all your energy on making the day perfect for you and your loved one. Excited yet? I am!!!

Don´t know were to start? I have put togehter a chcklist for you;

If you’re not a big planner, one of the fun sides to eloping is that there is so much you don’t have to think about—I mean, one of the reasons we elope is that the idea of trying to figure out how to feed people with various diets and considerations was overwhelming. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to opt out of everything:

Rings, Vows, and more: what do you need to keep in mind when eloping?
  1. Rings: Do you want them? If you do, make sure you order them in plenty of time (and don’t leave them at home).
  2. Vows: You don’t have to have your own vows, but you can. Decide ahead of time if self-written vows are going to be part of your elopement. Civil ceremonies are usually pretty short, so bring your own vows if you want to.
  3. Travel Plans: If you’re eloping somewhere that isn’t local, make sure you make arrangements ahead of time. Treat yourself!
  4. Clothing: Sure, you don’t have to go big or necessarily bridal/groom-ish, but you can if you want to. Find out what you want to wear and don’t let eloping be an excuse not to get the dress you want.
    More to follow after the image from Lofoten…

  5. Photography: I one hundred percent recommend hiring a photographer the day you’re eloping.
    It´s the one thing keeping the memories alive…
  6. Flowers: Do you want to carry a bouquet or wear a boutonniere? There’s no reason you can’t. If you don’t want to hire a florist, grab some pretty flowers from a local market or grocery store the morning of. Or go all in and pick some were you are.
  7. Hair and Makeup: There’s no reason you can’t have your look professionally done—and there’s no reason that a little mascara and lip balm won’t be perfect. You do you.
  8. Celebrate: If you want to have a party after, go for it! If dinner and a drinks together sounds perfect, go for it!
  9. Announcements: Sure, you’re not sending out save the dates, but you might want to send out wedding announcements after the fact if you want.

Want to see some of my previous elopements? Head on over to my portfolio; www.christineide.com/portfolio.


Great tips! Thank you!

You´re welcome! Thinking about eloping?

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