Adventure Elopement Above the Clouds // Lofoten

Adventure Elopement in Lofoten

To elope in the Lofoten Island can be an overwhelming affair. But not for Stephanie and Robert, they looked like professionals. They made it look so easy having their wedding in Norway…

Maybe it was the Nordic attraction that brought Stephanie and Robert all the way from Seattle to Norway for an elopement. Without having been to Seattle I can eventually understand a bit of the reason for this attraction. They say that the nature in Seattle is reminiscent of Norway and some of the people there behave like Norwegians.

Can we blame the Norwegians?

In the late 19th Century people from the Nordic countries set out on an “elopement” themselves. Especially the Norwegians flocked to Seattle, becoming the city`s largest immigrant group of that era. Their typically Norwegian personality traits – reserve, reticence and perhaps a slight guardedness of strangers passed down through the generations.

This was not at all traceable with Stephanie and Robert, from the first moment I noticed joy, warmth, playfulness and a very adventurous couple. I found no trace of the Seattle Freeze, we immediately became friends.

“Seattle Freeze. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The term Seattle Freeze refers to a widely held belief that it is especially difficult to make new friends in the city of Seattle, Washington”

That, Stephanie and Robert, chose to do an elopement certainly reflects their lifestyle. We are talking about an adventurous couple who loves; hiking, skiing, snowboarding and mountain climbing.

It was so easy to go off piste with Stephanie and Robert, something we really did, we literally walked on the clouds…

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